Transforming Offices & Commercial Interiors Since 1982

We have been transforming offices with our indoor plants since 1982 in and around the Klang Valley area. Well known for our high quality and personalised service, we specialise in interior landscape design, installation, horticultural maintenance and events,both indoor and outdoor. Having had this much experience, we have become the preferred supplier among architects, government departments, and interior designers.

Benefits of Plants in The Office

We believe that the presence of living plants at work, and in public places enhances the environment, improves moods, and therefore provides a good corporate image for commercial interiors. Indoor plants are known to remove VOC’s (volatile organic compounds – cancer causing agents) from the air, improve humidity, and also purify the air in a closed environment,therefore increasing productivity.

We have a huge array of indoor plants for any business type. We provide a variety of quality and appropriate plants that will make your business premises a more enjoyable work environment for both your staff and customers.

We have different packages and offers to suit your budget.

Our Plants Are Ideal For:

  • Offices and studios
  • Convention and event centers.
  • Conference halls.
  • Community centers
  • Galleries
  • Educational centers and colleges
  • Wedding venues, hotels and restaurants
  • Supermarkets and food halls
  • Sport centers
  • Public service buildings
  • Reception areas and foyers

Our Plants

Aglaonema (Silver Queen)
Philodendron Xanadu
Boston Fern
Monstera Deliciosa
Draceana Draco
Song of India
Silk Aglaonema
Scindapsus Aureus (Money Plant)
Schefflera Arboricola
Japanese Bamboo

Dreacena Marginata
Calathea Makoyana
Yellow Cane Palm
Bamboo Plant
Dreana Fragrans

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